Improving Dynamic Knee Stability With A Pro Soccer (Football) Player | Knee Meniscectomy #shorts


How To Rehab After Knee Meniscus Surgery

Another exercise progression for a professional soccer player is rehabbing a right knee meniscectomy. In phase 2, more challenging exercises are needed to introduce the skills needed for dynamic knee stability and control.

She performs a single-leg Romanian deadlift (SL RDL) on a stability trainer. She is standing on her left (non-surgical) leg to focus on ball control (touch) when volleying the soccer ball (football). This exercise was performed at the end of his treatment session when her legs were fatigued, which is relevant to her sport. To minimize potential problems in later phases of rehab, train stabilization exercises when fatigued โ€” remember to start with the end in mind โ€” return to play!

As always โ€” train both legs!

Effective and efficient rehab is criterion-based, not time-based.

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