Dr. Greenberg Explains True Regenerative Medicine To WCAU


With an explosion in regenerative and integrative medical clinics offering big promises of relief, Dr. Scott Greenberg breaks down to WCAU viewers what patients should be on the lookout for before paying for treatments.

A top US physician of regenerative medicine, Dr. Greenberg is widely respected as an expert and pioneer in the fields of cellular therapy, platelet-rich plasma treatment and prolotherapy. In this video, Dr. Greenberg explains how his well-researched specialties have helped professional athletes, such as Olympians and players for the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team. “It’s integrating the best of traditional care with science-based research for holistic treatments to try to help the body work naturally,” says Dr. Greenberg about his medical practice Greenberg Regenerative Medicine. Through a comprehensive examination of not just the site of pain, but areas that may be related to a patient’s condition, Dr. Greenberg provides a holistic treatment plan to fully address potential underlying issues and prevent future injury. “[Through examinaton] You can really learn a lot about what’s wrong with a person, and if you can learn what’s wrong, then it becomes very easy to fix them,” states Dr. Greenberg, “you can see all the different kinetic issues.”

If you are coping with chronic and debilitating neck, back or joint pain, call (833) 593-3018 or visit http://bit.ly/GreenbergRegen.

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A world-renowned integrative and regenerative physician, Scott Greenberg, MD performs approximately 4,000 procedures each year, and has treated many star/MVP athletes from teams. Dr. Greenberg is a pioneering leader in developing non-surgical regenerative therapies, such as prolotherapy, PRP and cellular medicine, and has had great success in treating patients from around the world with a wide variety of problems.

Dr. Greenberg serves as the chair of the Institutional Review Board of the American Association of Cellular Medicine Physicians and is a founding board member. He is also a consulting physician for DSM, a leader in regenerative biological medicine, and was a member of the first team to publish a case study to repair a meniscus tear using autologous cellular therapy. Dr. Greenberg also has the distinction to be selected and accredited as Director of the Regenerative Medicine team at the Dee Adams Center for Integrative and Regenerative Medicine at the Bryn Mawr Hospital.


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