Wendy Medeiros, OTR, CHT (retired) Non surgical Management of TFCC tears BAHT Nov. 2017



Non-surgical conservative management of TFCC tears

British Association of Hand Therapists (http://www.hand-therapy.co.uk)

The WristWidget was invented in 2006 by Wendy Medeiros, OTR, CHT (retired my CHT in 2015). Since then, the WristWidget has touched over 500,000 wrists in over 150 countries globally. Wendy’s 23 years as an Occupational Therapist treating hands gives her great insight into this injury.

The data collected since 2006 has helped Wendy to confirm the effectiveness of the WristWidget in allowing TFCC tears and injuries to heal without painful, and often, complicated surgery.

At this conference, Wendy shares her knowledge with peers from around the world.
The WristWidget revolutionary way to treat ulnar-sided wrist pain, TFCC injuries, wrist pain associated with weight bearing, gripping, and rotation.

The WristWidget was designed in 2006 by Wendy Medeiros, Certified Hand Therapist to reduce wrist pain associated with grip, wrist rotation, and weight bearing. Indicated for ulnar-sided wrist pain, TFCC injuries, and ECU subluxation. Clinically proven to reduce wrist pain and increase wrist strength. Over 500,000 have been sold and the WristWidget has treated wrists in 151 countries.

A must-have for sports where the hand grips, rotates or bears weight – like golf, tennis, baseball, rugby, polo, volleyball, rock/boulder climbing, acrobatics, gymnastics, weightlifting, bodybuilding, and yoga.

Taping for your wrist pain can provide similar results – however, it can get very expensive, isn’t convenient, and the tape can irritate the skin over time. The WristWidget provides a comfortable and economical and most importantly an effective solution.

Made of high quality, non-elastic material that fits comfortably around the wrist. The Velcro closure mechanism does not interfere with wrist motion or circulation and holds the wrist securely in place without irritation to the skin or wrist joint. One universal size fits both the left or right hand. Latex free.

• We have distributors worldwide: https://bit.ly/ww-global
(Be alert to counterfeiters and frauds. Only those linked from our site are authentic).

• Visit us at https://wristwidget.com

• How does the WristWidget work?

• Join the TFCC and Ulnar-Sided Wrist Pain Facebook group at:

• TFCC Anatomy and tear symptoms

• TFCC and ulna sided injury Treatment Protocol

• White Paper: Non-Surgical intervention for Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex Tears: http://bit.ly/ww-casereport

• BECOME A PART of a global testing community and log your results here: http://bit.ly/ww-wbtr

Translated titles:
Wendy Medeiros, OTR, CHT (jubilada) Manejo no quirúrgico de TFCC lágrimas BAHT Noviembre de 2017

Wendy Medeiros, OTR, CHT (im Ruhestand) Nichtoperatives Management von TFCC Tränen BAHT Nov. 2017

Wendy Medeiros, OTR, CHT (retraitée) Gestion non chirurgicale des déchirures TFCC BAHT nov. 2017

Wendy Medeiros, OTR, CHT (aposentado) Tratamento não cirúrgico de TFCC lágrimas BAHT novembro de

वेंडी मेडेयेरोस, ओटीआर, सीएचटी (सेवानि

ভেন্ডি মেডিওরোস, ওটিআর, সিএইচটি (অবসরপ

Wendy Medeiros,OTR,CHT(已退役)TFCC眼泪的非手术治疗BAHT 2017年11月

Wendy Medeiros, OTR, CHT (gepensioneerd) Niet-chirurgische behandeling van TFCC tranen BAHT november

Wendy Medeiros, OTR, CHT (συνταξιούχος) Μη χειρουργική αντιμετώπι

Венди Медейрос, OTR, CHT (в отставке) Без хирургического ле


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