God's Righteous Servant Moshiach Walks with God. From "The Life of God's Righteous Servant".


In the first seven years we walked all day long just about every day. It was my opportunity to talk out loud rather than by thought as I did at the townhome so as not to alarm my parents.

I had tried to tell them what was going on but without reading these Books they and my children did not and do not believe me. I have not mentioned it again in twelve years. Silent as a lamb fitting the description of Isaiah 53/7.

“He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he would not open his mouth; like a lamb to the slaughter he would be brought, and like a ewe that is mute before her shearers, and he would not open his mouth.” Isaiah 53/7

My walks were and are always up to God and used as a training tool in one fashion or another to be in perfect harmony with His weight and power; learning how to live as three persons in one human body and being the least of the three.

Sometimes He had a destination in mind but usually we just walked aimlessly all over the city. One August Houston set a record of 100 degrees plus every single day and I was walking 15-20 miles each day. I found out gas filling stations no longer have water fountains as they did in my youth. I did not have any money to buy water or soda.

Every time I complained about how thirsty I was I had to hear about the Israelites and the Exodus. God would say thirst is great, it gives you the strength to get back to where there is water.

There were times I was sleeping, and God would crush a foot or my feet with the invisible hand(s) of God formed in His power and say, “get up and get your shoes on”. It did not matter if it was raining or freezing cold, or both.

One night He had me walk in the rain and cold, return and get into dry clothes, and an hour later after falling back to sleep He crushed my feet and told me to put my wet clothes back on for another walk.

One night we walked some ten miles to another park in the Addicks Reservoir. There were many paths for running and bike riding winding through the wooded areas and before long I had no Idea where we were, and it was late and time to head back home. So, God took over verbally instead of controlling the walk and direction in His power.

During these walks I do not think about when to turn or not, I just walk in God’s power and he decides when I turn or stop and the speed of my walking pace. So, he tells me turn here and turn there and for hours I am walking exhausted obeying all His directions.

In my mind I have a perception I am about to see a highway that has me out of the park. The perception was placed in my mind by God. It was a ridiculous perception but very real to me.

We came to a clearing where I expected to see the highway and I am back where I started when He began verbally directing where I walk to get out of there. I fell to the ground in utter dismay and could see the first sun rays of dawn. It is always something and this would be torment and maltreatment. I went into the woods off the path and slept for an hour or so and made it home around noon.

Another time, we walked to Braes Bayou in still another part of town far away but near where I grew up in West University. It turned out unbeknownst to me it is where a large community of the Houston Jews live with many Synagogues.

I did remember going with one of my Jewish friends to the Jewish Community Center when I was in Jr. High School. He was a member and allowed to bring guests in and we played basketball and other games. I walked by it and it had not changed at all.

I kept walking turning here and there in God’s power when I realized I was walking beside a long metal fence that looking up had to run another hundred yards.

Inside the fence was a synagogue named Beth Yeshurun, and God told me it was a conservative synagogue where He was going to have me convert to Judaism. Before this, He had told me I would convert orthodox in Jerusalem.

Though I did not know anything about the differences in conservative and orthodox Judaism I was about to learn and attend my first Saturday services after I signed up for the conversion class. This was in late summer and the High Holidays were coming up and I would be given free tickets to all the High Holiday events.

When I had signed up for the conversion class a woman, who was not in the conversion class, asked me to be in her Minyan where men and women could both attend and sit together. It was not in the Sanctuary but the room we used had an Ark with Torah Scrolls, a bimah, siddur’s and the Haftarot, and a Chumash for everyone.

Shortly after Sukkot my father had a heart attack and I never returned to complete the conversion classes. I could have after a couple of weeks when my Dad had recovered from a quadruple bypass operation, but God said no ending my affiliation with Beth Yeshurun.

I will convert orthodox in Jerusalem and become an Israeli citizen. Next year in Jerusalem.


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