Unlocking Your Man Plan with Dr. Dan Larke



I’m so excited to have Dr. Dan Larke on this episode to discuss his new book – The Man Plan!

The Man Plan is the modern man’s guide to erectile dysfunction and unlocking years and decades of healthy sexual performance for the future. Written by a board licensed physician specializing in men’s sexual wellness, Dr. Dan Larke takes the reader on an empathetic journey that leverages the most up to date science available along with personal experience and lessons learned from treating tens of thousands of ED patients.

This conversational approach to a challenging topic will encourage the reader to not only begin the journey, but to see it through to completion. It will address the biological as well as the psychological drivers of ED. Armed with the information in this book, a man and his partner will be ready to walk into any doctor’s office in the world and demand the very best treatment that medicine has to offer. Men deserve a solution and so do their partners. The Man Plan delivers a path forward for them both.

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About Dr. Larke:
Dr. Dan Larke is a board licensed physician specializing in Men’s Health and Sexual Wellness, Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease, Premature Ejaculation, Testosterone Therapy (Low-T) and various other forms of Regenerative Medicine including the PRP-Shot, Skin Rejuvenation (PRP), Joint Therapy, Hair Regrowth and Scar Therapy.

He has successfully treated thousands of erectile dysfunction patients, and as the first Gainswave provider, and only Certified Success Provider of GAINSWave in the Southeast Valley, provides remarkable results. His goal, as a physician and teacher is to work with you to fully understand the underlying cause and map a plan to help you reach optimal sexual performance, your full health potential, and thrive in the bedroom and beyond.


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