The Long-Term Effects of Amputation | The IGF Conversation


The IGF Conversation is a series of webinars launched by the Invictus Games Foundation in 2020.

The eighth iteration of the IGF Conversation focused on the Long-Term Effects of Amputation across three panels with speakers from the medical research field and the Invictus Community.

Dr Dave Henson MBE, a trustee of the Foundation, an Invictus Games alumni and Paralympic medallist served as a facilitator for the event.

The first panel focused on existing medical research on the long-term effects of amputation featuring Professor Alex Bennett, Head of the ADVANCE Study and former Invictus Games competitor and now WIS Liaison Manager at the Invictus Games Foundation, Josh Boggi.

The second panel will share the medical advancements of rehabilitation and how this whole area in particular is evolving.

Speakers for this panel include Ex-Army rehabilitation medicine and rheumatology consultant Rhodri Phillip, Professor Anthony Bull, Matt Hughes from Dorset Orthopaedic, and Major Peter Le Feuvre.

The final panel will consider the importance of the human factor, as we hear from plastic and reconstructive surgeon Alexandra Crick, sport psychologist Sarah Cecil, Belgian Paralympian and former Invictus Games competitor Didier Simons as well as First Class Sergeant Francisco Jenaro Pedraza Osorio from Colombia, one of the new members of our Invictus Community of Nations.


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