The Pediatricians of the Hudson Valley: The Children's Medical Group. We Take Care of Kids.


The Children’s Medical Group has a long and distinguished history of caring for the Hudson Valley region’s children from Pawling to Kingston. From birth through college age, we offer a comprehensive and well rounded medical service for children. We pride ourselves on a tradition of excellence, accessibility and caring and look forward to establishing a physician-parent partnership with you. Learn about The Children’s Medical Group and our Pediatricians.

We know kids. Get to know us.


At Children’s Medical Group we know that
pediatrics is different from any
kind of medical practice
because kids are not just small adults
so all of our priorities
because kids are not just small adults
so all of our priorities
are designed for what’s best for children.
We know that it takes a team to raise a
healthy child, his parents, his family, our staff
and our pediatricians. Together we can decide
what’s best for your child.
By having evening hours, weekend hours,
holiday hours,
we can help you to avoid having to take
unnecessary trips to the emergency room
that’s why we have
nine offices located in communities all
throughout the Hudson Valley.
it’s fun we enjoy it
that’s why we like going to work to be
able to establish those relationships
with families and with children
I think one of the most important jobs
at the pediatrician is to and wellness
We don’t just take care sick kids we
want to really focus on
the healthy aspects of life trying to
keep them healthy preventative care
so at our well visits
we provide guidance on many issues
involving helping you raise
children. We discuss nutrition
whether it’s breastfeeding support or
choosing the right formula
we also review the importance of vaccines
so that parents will understand how
important they
and empower them to make educated decisions.
we especially encourage parents to get
to know the providers at their local
office and to partner with someone who they
feel comfortable with to help them raise Healthy Kids.
convenience is almost everything in pediatrics people
are busy and you don’t, you can’t determine when your
child’s going to get sick so if they get sick on a weekend or
holiday. we’re open and we have a office near you
that can take care of your child. So a lot of
children come with similar symptoms
tiredness, headaches and yet those
symptoms can reflect all different types of things
could be something going on in school.
I really trying to address all of that
and try and look at that the child as a
whole in the midst of their family and
environment and caring for children with serious and
chronic conditions
Children’s Medical Group set the
standard in Hudson Valley for generations
our providers are experienced in caring
for children with asthma
obesity and other chronic conditions. We want to
earn your trust we invite you to come in and get to know
the staff and the pediatricians in the office nearest you.
We know kids get to know us


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