Sore Throat Remedies in Your Home Medicine Cabinet


What is common between climate change and a sore throat? Air conditioning!

It is common phenomenon becoming sick in summer or spring because of the use of air conditioning. Unfortunately, the hot days in Greece are arriving earlier and earlier, and the use of air conditioning is mandatory in various circumstances. Elderly people, babies, or people with heart problems need to avoid extreme heat – but using air conditioning may have bad effects, like a sore throat. Having a sore throat in hot summer days, is really annoying! How can we ease it without hot tea?

First of all, drinking hot teas for coughs and similar problems is a myth. Lukewarm beverages are ideal. This means that if you use herbs, you can drink them at room temperature or little above. The trick is to keep your throat hydrated little by little by sipping tea or plain water. Honey is your friend. It’s a natural cough remedy. A teaspoon every few hours will ease the pain. It also has antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic, and other properties – and it tastes better than cough syrup! Plus it is natural. Ah, and don’t forget, honey is not sugar. It works better for maintaining your sugar level.

‘Classic yiayia’ salt water gargles work. It is scientifically proven that gaggling with salt water helps with cold and cough symptoms. A teaspoon in a glass of water is fine.

Humidifiers are my favourite gadget for the house. Adding the appropriate essential oils in humidifiers will change your home environment into something else. If you have a dry cough, geranium and lavender will ease the coughing. But if you have a stuffed nose, better use eucalyptus or mint.

Finally, there are herb blends. Squeeze an orange or two and add a cup of lukewarm tea with sambucus, sideritis, sage, and rosemary. Proportions can vary depending on your taste. Use less sage and rosemary if you want a more sweet tea. Also, you can add a teaspoon of honey or more for sweetness and better effects!

Don’t forget to avoid cold air for a few days! If your workplace has air conditioning, wear always a thin scarf like pashmina or silk to cover the area, especially if you are sweating! Keep calm and keep drinking! Dehydration is your medicine!

* The above is not medical advice but mere suggestions for improving your diet. Before reach herbal use you should consult your doctor, especially those who have health issues, are pregnant or are under the age of 6.

Evropi-Sofia Dalampira holds a PhD in Agricultural Economics and an MSc in Botany-Biology.



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