How to fix VALORANT Error Code VAL 51


VAL 51 is a pesky error code that prevents VALORANT players from enjoying the game. Though Riot Games spend countless hours perfecting each patch and content release, unexpected errors may occur when the masses start logging into the game.

Such error codes often occur after seasonal patches in which Riot introduces significant changes to VALORANT. Though not being able to log into the game can be annoying, the chances of other players experiencing the same error will be high, meaning you won’t be alone. Most errors get resolved by themselves as the developers put out a hotfix and roll it out within hours, but there are still a few home remedies players can try out to see if they can log into VALORANT.

What does the error code VAL 51 mean in VALORANT?

When the VAL 51 error code appears, it means that the in-game party system may not be functioning properly. When this error occurs, players will be unable to join parties or invite other players to their party.

The party system can go down due to various reasons. A high number of players may be overwhelming the servers or you might be having connectivity problems with your home network. The party system can also malfunction when the Riot client runs into troubles of its own, which can cause all Riot titles to act up.

Is VAL 51 a ban in VALORANT?

The VAL 51 error code isn’t a ban in VALORANT. Since the error prevents players from forming parties without a thorough explanation, players wonder whether they were banned from VALORANT.

How do you fix the error code VAL 51 in VALORANT?

Restart your Riot client

Restarting your Riot client is one of the fastest fixes you can apply to fix the VAL 51 error code in VALORANT. Considering Riot titles depend on the Riot client when it comes to allowing players to interact with each other, it’s the backbone of VALORANT.

  • Exit VALORANT.
  • Right-click on your taskbar and launch the Task Manager.
  • Switch over to the Details tab and close everything VALORANT and Riot client related.
  • Make sure no Riot processes are running in the background and launch VALORANT.

Check VALORANT’s server status

If the VALORANT’s servers go down while you’re trying to form your party in VALORANT, you may receive the VAL 51 error code.

Head over to Riot’s game status website and choose your VALORANT region. If there are any ongoing outages, there will be a warning on the webpage. Alternatively, you can also check out Downdetector, which gets updated with player feedback.

When the servers are back online again, the error should resolve itself, allowing you to form your party in VALORANT.

Open a support ticket

If both the Riot client and the servers are up, but you’re still receiving the error code VAL 51, your last option will be to open a support ticket in VALORANT.

Depending on the time of the year, you should hear back from the support team within one or two days.

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