My Tips & Tricks for Hip Surgery | One Week Post-Op | Megan


If you or someone you know is having Labrum Tear Surgery or HAI Surgery, I made this as a reference guide for things that you may need or want and/or what to expect during recovery.

I filmed this on July 5th, and yep it’s July 10th.
I’m sorry for it being later than I had originally anticipated 🙁

-List of items mentioned-

For sleeping:
• Neck pillow
• Bolster (massage pillow)
• Weighted blanket
• Pressurized socks
• Plastic wrap
• Medical tape
• Shower seat
• Shower brush
Walking and moving around house:
• Walker
• Non-skid socks
• Crutches (for up and down the stairs)
General resting:
• Ice man
• Mouth numbing spray
• Lap desk
• Massage ball (for feet)
• Notebook to write down medications/dosages/times of ingesting
• MCT oil

Blood Clot Symptoms:
Edema Symptoms:

I hope the day and/or night treats you well!



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