Indoor mask mandate ends in Wake County ::


— The mask mandate ended Friday in Wake County and many people have slowly been getting back to normal.

Saturday, the Raleigh Home Show was held at the Raleigh Convention Center, one of the first local events held with masks not required indoors.

The show manager Jennifer Smetana told WRAL News it is still an adjustment for many people.

At the Raleigh home show, you’ll find a mix of people. Some wear their masks and others go without them.

For Kahlil Crawford, he said he still feels much safer with a mask.

“Yeah, you know I’m scaling down a bit but it’s just gonna be gradual. Just going to see the room and see what makes the most sense,” said Crawford.

Currently, there are no mask mandates or proof of vaccine requirements for anyone inside the Raleigh Convention Center.

Smetana said since Friday they’ve received multiple calls from people confused asking about the latest mask guidance.

“Everybody has a different comfort level, but for the most part we’re seeing a little bit of both. People are doing what they feel comfortable with,” said Smetana. “For those who are not wearing it, they seem to your point a little bit of freedom of being able to shop the show without the mask.”

For businesses, it’s been great.

Michael Strauss said this year is busier than last. He feels comfortable enough to go without a mask, but he said there are many customers that are still a bit hesitant to take it off.

“It may be a personal choice for different people and we have to obviously value and respect their opinions and we’re happy to do so,” said Strauss.

Smetana said customers still have the option to shop online, and sanitation stations and masks are still available for those who need them.

“I just want everybody to stay safe but also not have fear because we can’t live in fear but we can live responsibly,” said Crawford.

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