Scentsy Holiday Scents My top 24 Part 1 with Shadow making an appearance


This is my Part 1 of this video! Shadow makes another guest appearance in my video along with me recommending my top scents for the holiday season. Top 8 Autumn , Top 8 In Between the Holidays and Top 8 Christmas Holiday Scents that I enjoy and would highly recommend to anyone new to the world of Scentsy. Even if your not new, these still are all wonderful and are what I gravitate towards . Scent notes down below
My Favourite Autumn and Holiday Scents

Autumn Scents

1. Cider Mill: Cider Mill brings together fresh apples, crushed pumpkin, and simmering spices for a cozy autumn treat.

2. Maple Apple Bourbon: JUICY RED APPLE and RICH MAPLE get in the holiday spirit with a SPLASH OF BOURBON.

3. Caramel Apple Craze: Creamy golden caramel, sweet Red Delicious apples and whipped vanilla invite you to be a trick-or-treater again.

4. Pumpkin Cinnamon Swirl: Fresh pumpkin garnished with cinnamon stick and a dollop of whipped icing.

5. Pumpkin Tiramisu: Layer pumpkin with sweet brown sugar and vanilla cream for an autumn twist on a favourite Italian dessert.

6. Pumpkin Chai: Fill your cup with white pumpkin, a swirl of cinnamon and a dash of chai.

7 Autumn Hearth: Cue up a classic! APPLE, CINNAMON and TONKA are all about fall.

8. Autumn Road Trip: Take a tour through crisp harvest apple, just-picked Anjou pear and a forest of towering silver oak.

Shadows treats are: Benny Bullys Description: I buy mine off of
Irresistible Aroma renowned by dog trainers as a great training treat
Freeze Dried to maintain the flavor, aroma, and freshness dogs crave. Natural Color May Vary. No Refrigeration Required.
Pure human edible government inspected beef liver. Made In Canada. No Offshore Sources
Made In Canada. No Offshore Sources
Low Calories Per Treat.
included components: pouch

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