Regenerative therapy/medicine in long standing pain


Regenerate your damaged joints, ligaments and muscles !!
Regenerative therapy or Regenerative medicine involves preparing and injecting blood platelet-products, growth factors into your damaged ligaments, joints and muscles for healing or repair. In cases of long-standing injuries, healing potential decreases with time but with regenerative therapy, we can simulate natural healing process.

a. Osteoarthritis knee (Gathiya)
b. Joint damage
c. Incomplete Ligament tear
d. Incomplete Muscle or tendon Tear
e. Cartilage or Meniscus damage

Regenerative therapy products:
1. PRP Platelet Rich Plasma therapy
2. BMAC Bone marrow Aspirate Concentrate
3. Dextrose Prolotherapy
4. Blood derived Growth factors

We use specialized techniques to prepare and inject these products safely and precisely into the damaged area using Musculoskeletal Ultrasound guidance.

Since it is made from your own blood and blood products, it is absolutely SAFE from side-effects.

For more information, visit CK Birla hospital Jaipur or Dr. Sanjeev’s PAIN clinic
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