Hematologist/Oncologist Indumathy Varadarajan, MD


Indumathy Varadarajan, MD, is a hematologist/oncologist specializing in autologous or allogeneic transplantation, as well as CAR T-cell therapy. Varadarajan found her passion after her grandmother passed away from leukemia. She is also part of the bone marrow transplantation team at UVA Cancer Center.

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I’m Dr. Indumathy Varadarajan. Patients call me Dr. Indu. I am one of the new stem cell transplant physicians. I perform both autologous and allogenic transplants. My special interests include CAR T-cell therapy.

I grew up in India with my parents and grandparents. My grandmother looked after me for most of the time. Later, she was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and she succumbed to the disease. It was at that point that pushed me to study hematology and concentrate on leukemias. UVA has this unique combination of providing a very personalized relationship. Not just with the physician, but with the entire medical care team and combines with cutting-edge research.

I think we actually learn a lot from every patient experience, both as a person and as a physician. I’m not sure how many patients know that when they come to us for treatment, they actually help improve care for the patient that follows them. So, this is my true passion.


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