Causal Inference — 15/23 — Fuzzy RDD


This series of online lectures covers the most important causal research designs in economics and other social sciences. This is the first of four videos on Regression Discontinuity Designs (RDD). The video discusses the fuzzy RDD.

The course is based on two textbooks:

– Mostly Harmless Econometrics by Joshua Angrist and Steve Pischke (2009):

– Causal Inference — the Mixtape by Scott Cunningham (2020):

The slides for the course can be downloaded here:

Course outline:

1 Basics of causal inference (2 videos)
2 Instrumental variables (5 videos)
3 Marginal treatment effects (4 videos)
4 Regression discontinuity and kink designs (4 videos)
5 Difference-in-differences (5 videos)
6 Synthetic control (2 videos)

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