Prof. A. Kasaj: Non-surgical application of Straumann® Emdogain® Flapless


Prof. Adrian Kasaj: Non-surgical application of Straumann® Emdogain® FL in a residual periodontal pocket of 8 mm. Apart from its regenerative abilities, Emdogain® has the property to improve the soft tissue wound healing which makes the product suitable to be used as adjunct to the non-surgical periodontal therapy. This leads to improved clinical outcomes and reduced need for further treatments, including surgery. The flapless application of Emdogain® FL is a new treatment approach combining the use of well-established Emdogain® formulation with the non-surgical treatment of periodontal pockets between 5 to 9 mm deep without furcations or recessions involvement. Emdogain® FL for flapless use is a patient-friendly solution due to its minimal invasive approach, minimal post-operative complications and discomfort, and shorter treatment time.


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