Expanding Who We Are With What We Learn — Introducing Billy Ray Norris


Billy Ray Norris is my new Country artist name, and here’s my first official music video for my first original country release, “My Cowgirl’s In Quarantine.” If this doesn’t raise the corners of your mouth a little, or leave your heart a little lighter, then please email me and let me know what would have done it for you! And please Subscribe to this Youtube channel and Share with everyone you know! We’ll be completing the filming of the “Take My Hand” video on February 14, 2021, and releasing it somewhere near the eerie Ides of March.

So how does this relate to natural healing and growth?

Everything is interconnected — everything about who we are — and when we find and put the pieces of the puzzle into place, we are whole and one with everything again. So who are we, and how do we know? How do we discover the many pieces of our spirit waiting there? One might also wonder “How do we not know?” What is blocking our awareness of the truth of who we are?

Breaking It Down

From birth we are trained to believe that everything is separate, and encouraged to select our identity from a categorized list of options — as if who we are is limited to these things. So we usually do, and then go on believing that this is who we are — often for the rest of our lives. If our identity is formed around the restrictive precepts of a tradition — religious, political, or cultural — then it can be even more limited by these black and white illusions. The truth is we are everything, everything is us, and there are no limitations — unless we create them in our minds or in our lives. 
Some things come easier for us, and some easier for others; but being easy doesn’t mean that’s who we are. 

Are we a teacher, a healer, an artist, an athlete, an IT professional, a builder, a mechanic, a spiritualist, a philosopher, a scientist, or what? Yes, we are. If a teacher, are we a school teacher, spiritual teacher, voice teacher, or what? Yes. If a healer, are we a naturopath, an allopath, a shaman, or an intuitionist? Yes. If an artist, are we a musician, a painter, a dancer, or a poet? Yes. If a musician, are we country, rock, rap, jazz, or classical? Yes. When we remove the limitations of our mind we are all of these things and more — we are everything — and from this premise we can find ourselves and grow — and we can really make a difference in this world. 

From a physics perspective, consciousness is everything  from a spiritual perspective, love is everything  and from an identity perspective, we are consciousness and we are love. And the more we become aware of this consciousness, and focus on this love; the more we unlock the infinite pool of coexisting possibilities waiting there. This is how we co-create our dreams.

So let yourself become consciously aware of the conscious universe — let yourself be everything, and let everything be you — and enjoy the many things you will become!

So Who Is Billy Ray Norris?

Billy Ray Norris is the country side of music in the artist of my soul — just as Fire Prince is the rock creator there. 

I started playing classical piano at age five, gospel when I was eight, and country with a band when hormones stomped my 14th year into overdrive. For five years I was a lead singer, and played sax, flute, and keys in a country band. Then I made that hard decision and chose college over an exciting life of gigging on the road — and man was it ever the right decision to make! So throughout my 14 years of college — within which I obtained a B.A./B.S. in Music Therapy, a B.S. in psychology, an M.A. in Counseling Psychology, and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology — I paid my way, in part, by playing music with different bands at clubs and shows. 

Now, full circle, Country fills the empty spaces that I didn’t know were there. I’ve always enjoyed listening to Country, and go through preferred genre phases like  a lot of people do — but as a songwriter I’ve got my boots and saddle back.

Norris, like Chuck, is my divine mother’s maiden name, and since she, again like Chuck, was born in Oklahoma, and came from  tenacious Texas roots; it seemed a fitting name for my country artist dude. And I reviewed 200 popular southern male names, and chose Billy Ray for the vibe, and the way it fits the Norris part of me. Fire Prince just doesn’t sound very country now does it!

So I’ve expanded the songwriter part of me to include a cowboy-looking guy named Billy Ray.

And I’m nobody special — I’m just learning how to be the things I Am. When we remove the limitations of the mind and become one with everything, we do just that. 

This applies to you as much as me — it applies to everyone! And what could be more important than growing into who we are and helping others do the same? And what could be more fun! What joy and bliss our spirit offers us!

Before I forget, here’s a Spotify playlist, “Southern Silhouettes,” featuring “My Cowgirl’s In Quarantine,” my friend Eve Selis’s hit “See Me With Your Heart,” and 38 other country favorites. I hope you enjoy.

And here’s the iTunes link to my latest release, “Take My Hand ft. Eve Selis” — a country love song.

So, although not my typical article about healing and growth, I hope it opens something up inside your soul. Here’s to the joyous adventure of discovering and becoming who we are — without resistance, judgment, or limitation! 

Photo Credit: Fire Prince Music, BMI

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