Longevity Biotech Revolution: Future Investment Strategies with Sebastian Brunemeier


In this talk, Sebastian Brunemeier discusses building and investing in longevity biotech, providing an overview of the biopharma machine, “Longbio” as an investment theme, and a snapshot of key players in the space. Sebastian shares his experience as a general partner at Healthspan Capital and CEO at ImmuneAGE Pharma, and outlines Healthspan Capital’s investment strategy in longevity biotech and regenerative medicine. He presents a portfolio of companies in the longevity biotech field, emphasizing the potential market value and increasing interest from prominent investors and discussing the trend of biotech start-ups and their role in the pharmaceutical industry. He covers the challenges of outsourcing assets from academia and building teams around them, leading to the creation of the Distributed Drug Discovery Company (DisCo) model. Sebastian also touches upon the efficiency of start-ups versus big pharma and the potential for pharma to acquire biotech companies. The talk introduces the “Legit Long Biotech Checklist” to help assess and promote companies in the longevity biotech field and avoid high-profile frauds and failures. He emphasizes the need for originality in the field, going through literature to find non-obvious, promising ideas, and highlights his involvement in launching ImmuneAGE Pharma, which focuses on immune system rejuvenation.

About the Speaker:
Sebastian A. Brunemeier is a biotech VC and company builder focused on longevity & regenerative medicine. He is Co-Founder and General Partner of Healthspan Capital, and CEO and Founder of ImmuneAGE Pharma, focused on immune system rejuvenation. He was Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer at Cambrian Biopharma, Co-Founder and COO of Samsara Therapeutics, and Principal at Apollo Health Ventures. He was a Fulbright Fellow on the biology of aging, a Skaggs- Oxford Scholar at the Scripps Research Institute, and a SENS Foundation Scholar at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. His education includes partial DPhil (PhD) training in biochemistry of aging at the University of Oxford as a Clarendon Scholar, a Master’s in Life Science Business Management and Molecular Neuroscience from the University of Amsterdam as an Amsterdam Excellence Scholar. He served as trustee of the British Society for Research on Aging, a mentor at The New York Academy of Sciences, and as an advisor or board member to: VitaDAO/Molecule.to, Equator Therapeutics, Revivo Therapeutics, Shift Biosciences, Deciduous Therapeutics, and McKinsey & Company.

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:00:40 – Sebastian’s Background
00:01:40 – Healthspan Capital overview
00:03:17 – Longevity Biotech Landscape, Big Players, Healthspan Capital’s portfolio
00:04:58 – The Rise of Longevity Biotech (LongBio)
00:05:55 – The Biopharma Machine
00:07:17 – The Halcyon Years of Longevity Biotech
00:08:09 – A Shift in Big Pharma
00:10:18 – The Decentralization of Pharma
00:11:02 – Distributed Drug Discovery Company (DisCo) model
00:12:34 – SNAC: Single Novel Asset Company
00:14:09 – Corporate Structures
00:14:54 – The Geroscience Revolution
00:16:02 – Interventions to Extend Life &The LongBio Ecosystem
00:17:08 – Investor Diligence for Geroscience & LongBio
00:20:54 – The Legit LongBio Checklist
00:25:24 – Closing Thoughts: A Call to Arms


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