Regenexx Perc-ACLR – Non-Surgical Treatment for ACL Tears


Welcome to the “Regenexx” YouTube channel. Throughout this video, you will learn about Non-Surgical Treatment for ACL Tears.

The ACL or Anterior Cruciate Ligament is an important stabilizer of the knee for front-to-back movements and twisting motions. It is most commonly injured while playing sports. Most patients think that replacing a Torn ACL is like getting a part replaced in their car. However, the research on ACL surgeries paints a different story. Most athletes who had ACL surgery never regained their normal balance and control over that knee. Plus athletes are six times more likely to re-injure the same ACL or opposite ACL within a year of their initial surgery. Four years after surgery patients who had ACL surgery had no more function and no less arthritis than those patients who didn’t have the surgery. Why is all of this happening? Largely because the new surgically installed ACL isn’t at all like the original equipment. First, it must go in at a much steeper angle so it can never provide the same kind of front-to-back stabilization as the original ACL. The surgically installed ACL also doesn’t have the same intact nerve supply which is needed to fine-tune the normal balance and motion of the knee. But for many who suffer from an ACL injury, there’s good news. Regenexx ACL is a non-surgical procedure that utilizes the stem cells from your own body to assist in the healing of ACL tears. Rather than a surgical amputation and replacement of your ACL, it’s an exacting image-guided injection of stem cells into your ACL tear. In our registry-based study, we were able to see good healing of the ACL and follow-up MRIs in more than 7 in 10 patients, and 75 percent of patients return to their favorite sports without the need for surgery. So if you’ve experienced an ACL injury consider the Regenexx ACL procedure and let your own stem cells help you get back in the game and on the path to better health.


We offer a unique approach to treating orthopedic injuries non-surgically based on over fifteen years of research and experience.

Regenexx is a provider network doing procedural-based care. We pioneered the use of orthopedic bone marrow concentrate to treat common orthopedic conditions to help people avoid surgery using cells from their own bodies.

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