Non-surgical Solution to Gum Disease (Bonner Method) Explained


Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease is an infection of the gum tissue caused by the bacteria and parasites found in plaque. At the CENTER for Advanced Periodontal and Implant Therapy, we are proud to be one of the first practices in the U.S. to offer our patients a non-surgical treatment to permanently cure periodontal disease! The Bonner Method is an innovative new treatment method that analyzes the bacteria found in plaque to understand and subsequently treat and cure gum disease to prevent it from redeveloping. Over the span of 10 office visits, in combination with brushing and flossing techniques, at-home protocols for proper oral hygiene care, and two prescribed medicaments for at-home use, we are able to effectively cure periodontal disease. If you suffer from periodontal disease, The Bonner Method may be the right treatment plan for you.

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🎥 Video Transcript:

Periodontal disease or gum disease is an infectious disease, that is composed of viruses bacteria and we know now today parasites that come and colonize the pocket of the patient and slowly slowly start the tissue destruction. This tissue destruction is conducted in two ways, first of all by the immediate release of the byproducts of those toxins that are created by the war that is happening within the pocket between the immune system and the bacteria that will induce bone loss, but as well remotely by all the immunological by-products that are relaxed into the tissue, mainly interleukins and cytokines that will affect the organs of the body remotely such as the kidney, the liver, and the heart.

So it would be a big mistake to not understand these two compartments and, dissociate them and not treat our patients as a unit between the oral cavity and, the systemic body and make sure that we have a good understanding of this symbiotic relationship that exists between the oral health, oral disease and the rest of the body.

We are taking our patients through a non-surgical protocol a different approach to treat your gum disease. Many of our patients come in with concerns of bleeding gums, ulcerations, fever even cold-like symptoms, and they’re not sure of the cause. So we take this opportunity to educate our patients that gum disease is not only a bacterial concern there are viruses and parasites that also play a role.

At the center we use a microscope for the diagnosis and the prognosis of the patient’s treatment, meaning that every time that the patient comes into their visits, we’re taking a swap culture of those parasites viruses, and bacteria that we put under the microscope and during each visit we’re going to evaluate the changes that will occur.

By using the microscope we apply a medical approach to a dental problem, in medicine a lot of times what they do they take a culture, they then treat the patient topically, and systemically if necessary, and finally, they talk about ways of reinfection or possible lifestyle choices. Now in dentistry, we get to do the same our priority is to control inflammation and infection at a microscopic level, this way we cure the gum disease from the most crucial point.

Results become trackable and educational for patients, everything that I get to see on the microscope patients too get to see as well. Depending on what we find on the microscope, we’ll adjust medication delivery or any home care protocols to improve your overall gum health. With a non-surgical therapy helping our patients to regain responsibility in their home care and help their body to fix the disease and we build the bone that they are deprived of.

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