Penile enlargement surgery – Penis surgery – Dr Araz Bayramov – How can I increase my size?


🔹️Penile enlargement surgery + 5 cm lengthening + 5 cm thickening Dr Araz Bayramov

European Academy of Andrology member , EAU active member
for all questions whatsapp + 994502345560
Buta Clinic, Head of Andrology Department , Baku, Azerbaijan

Patient , 27 years old
Anesthesia : General
Surgery times : 60 minutes
Hospitalization : 1 day VIP

Penis Enlargement Surgery Penis Lengthening & Thickening Non-Surgical Penis Aesthetics (Penis Enlargement with Filler) Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosis and Treatment Shock Wave Therapy PRP (P-Shot) Application SVF (Stem Cell) Application Venous Leakage (Venous Insufficiency) Surgery in the Penile Premature Ejaculation Problem Per Diagnosis and Treatment Premature Ejaculation Treatment with Filling Therapy Diagnosis and Treatment of Male Infertility Microsurgery Varicocele Surgery TESE Surgery Your solution to all our male and sexual health problems Buta Clinic, a Urology Service was established in 2020 by surgeon Araz Bayramov. Who was graduated from Lyon 1 University Faculty of Medicine in 2006, Dr. Araz Bayramov completed his education in CHU Lyon in 2010; Andrology Reconstructive Penis Surgery and Infertility chance has been gained by contributing to experience and education.

While his specialty training was still in progress, he took part in many complicated penile surgery operations and deepened his urology training with “andrological surgery training”. Currently, Urology and Andrology Specialist Surgeon Araz Bayramov provides intensive services in the treatment of male-induced sexual dysfunctions and male-induced infertility, and also responds to the requests of male patients with genital aesthetic demands. Performing his surgeries in contracted hospitals with advanced technology and high quality patient service in Baku and Lyon , Surgeon Araz Bayramov continues to be the first choice of many male patients in Azerbaijan and abroad.


You can contact us for an appointment: +994 55 255 55 45 ( whatsApp active)

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