The Fifth Rambam Summit 2014


This week, Rambam Health Care Campus hosted the fifth annual Rambam Summit, a meeting place for medicine, technology, and humanity. Since 2010, the Rambam Summit has hosted friends from around the world, updating them on Rambam’s contributions to medicine and clinical research.

The summit began with presentations about, and special tours of, Rambam Health Care Campus, including the opportunity to meet a patient before and after treatment for essential tremor (as in Parkinson’s disease)—a treatment available in Israel only at Rambam. Attendees also visited the completed Sammy Ofer Fortified Underground Emergency Hospital in its peacetime configuration as an underground parking lot, the newly opened Ruth Rappaport Children’s Hospital, and the soon to open Joseph Fishman Oncology Center. The day culminated with a gala evening and presentation of the prestigious 2014 Rambam award, which recognizes outstanding individuals for their contributions to Rambam, Israel, and humankind via business, science, medicine, technology, and philanthropy.

This year’s recipients of the 2014 Rambam Award were:

Haifa’s Mayor, Yona Yahav, in recognition of his activities which have strengthened relationships between multiple nations and Israel, admiration for his commitment to peaceful coexistence, and gratitude for his ongoing efforts on behalf of Rambam Health Care Campus, to the benefit of the citizenry of Haifa.

Prof. Howard (Chaim) Cedar, in recognition of his accomplishments in medicine and in science to the benefit of humanity, with great esteem for his multidisciplinary expertise, and in appreciation for his commitment to medical research—exemplified by his dedication to Rambam Health Care Campus and the Clinical Research
Institute at Rambam (CRIR).

Ms. Herta and Mr. Paul (Shmuel) Amir, in recognition of their extraordinary contributions to the arts and education, their leadership in the Los Angeles Jewish community, and with gratitude for their gifting of the Pediatric Cardiology Institute of the Ruth Rappaport Children’s Hospital at Rambam Health Care Campus.

Ms. Relly and Mr. Brent Dibner, in recognition of their philanthropic support of science and technology, scholarly contribution to Israel’s maritime history, and commitment to the people of Israel, particularly in Haifa, as expressed through their ongoing support of Rambam Health Care Campus.

An integral part of the summit is an international scientific conference. Past scientific conferences addressed medical technologies, pediatrics, and trauma medicine. This year’s conference, titled Promises and Horizons in Next Generation Medicine, was attended by worldwide and local experts in health care and genetic medicine, as well as medical, industrial, and economic leaders.

The scientific conference was held on the second day of the summit. The conference was moderated by a world-renowned genetics researcher, Professor Karl Skorecki, Director of Medical and Research Development at Rambam. The Key Note speaker, Professor Elizabeth Nabel, President Brigham Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, discussed the future of health care. Also speaking was Prof. Lior Gepstein a Rambam cardiologist and Technion researcher in the field of stem cells. Each lecture was following by thought provoking panel discussions. Participants of the health care discussion were Prof. Arnon Afek, Director General, of the Israeli Ministry of Health; Professor Shimon Reisner, Deputy Director at Rambam; and Dr. Arnon Luxenburg, from the Israel Ministry of Health. Participants on the genomic and cell-based medicine discussion were Prof. Elizabeth Nabel; Professor Karl Skorecki; Prof. Mardechai Shohat, the Director of Genetics at Rabin Medical Center; Prof. Hagit Baris, Director of the Genetics Institute at Rambam; and Dr. Karen Avraham, Director of the Karen B. Avraham Laboratory of the Department of Human Molecular Genetics & Biochemistry at the Sackler Faculty of Medicine.

By the end of the summit, it was clear that Rambam’s vision is becoming a reality: To make a meaningful global impact on the advancement of medical care and research across the disciplines—placing people at the heart of every medical endeavor.
videography – Offer Golan


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