5782 Rosh HaShana Annual Campaign SPECIAL PRAYERS


“Baruch HaShem Rabbi It Worked…”

MARRIAGES, NEW BABIES, WON LAWSUIT, JOB PROMOTION, INVESTMENT & FINANCIAL SUCCESSES…These Are Some of The Personalized Berachot That Were Fulfilled For Last Years Partners In The High Holiday Campaigns.

Despite The International COVID-19 Plague, Our Partners Around The World Have Received Extraordinary Blessings & Protection From HaShem. After Hearing & Seeing The AMAZING Messages Coming From The Rosh HaShana & Yom Kippur DONORS In the Last 2 Years, We Are Back With A Bigger Goal:

$400,000 (OR MORE)

Our Goal Is To Feed 15,000 Poor Jews In Israel.

Before We Raised A Single Dollar, We Made The Commitment and Already Sent Money To Feed Thousands of Poor Jews In Israel This Holiday by giving them Gift Cards To The Rami Levy KOSHER Supermarket Chain, but need your help to reach the 15,000 poor Jews. These Are HaShem’s Poor Children and Trusting In HaShem Blindly & Completely Is The Way We’ve Seen The Best Blessings.

This is the meaning of life for why you are here and what you should be doing with your time and focus. This video sums it all up and has everything you need to know to have a meaningful life. The explanation comes from Rambam’s writings as well as the writings of Ibn Gibriol who is the author of Adon Olam.

Watch this Amazing Chidush by Rav Adam Sommer to know more.

Proud to introduce my very dear friend Rav Adam Sommer, an ENORMOUS TALMID CHACHAM who completes the Shas BAVLI, Yerushalmi and countless other major sidrot kodesh EACH YEAR.

To Support our KIRUV and Torah Teachings work please DONATE at www.BeEzratHaShem.org If you’d like to invite Rabbi Yaron Reuven to give a lecture at your synagogue, home or office please email Info@BeEzratHaShem.org Rabbi Reuven is based out of Florida but travels to give lectures to different groups. Join one of our interactive “Interesting Torah” Whatsapp groups to get daily updates and short Torah clips that can uplift your day by texting 1.917.468.2324 or +91 93236 69880

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Click here https://soundcloud.com/yaronreuven/sets/daily-chidush To Listen to our very popular “Daily Chidush” short audio series on SOUNDCLOUD or the Podcast Channel at https://beezrathashem.jewishpodcasts.org

Born in Netanya, Israel, Rabbi Yaron Reuven began his American Dream as a little boy, when his family immigrated to the United States. He went from a newspaper boy at the age of 10, to a well-known self-made Wall Street multimillionaire by the age of 23. During his time in Wall Street, he owned his own private brokerage firm, a hedge fund, and an international insurance agency. He was featured on CNBC, Bloomberg and Chinese NDTV due to his success in the financial industry.

At age 26 he faced a 7-year battle for his life when a simple surgery went wrong. From that moment his life would never be the same. This moment marked the start of a series of miraculous events and an exciting pursuit of truth, ultimately resulting in Rabbi Reuven renouncing his lofty position and success in Wall Street, after 16 years, to become a full-time KIRUV rabbi. His Teshuva story is sure to catch the heart of every listener.​

Rabbi Reuven’s shiurim are in English and Hebrew. His classes are focused on spreading the truth and divinity of the Torah through MUSSAR, scientific proofs, and many other methods to reach each individual listener. Rabbi Reuven is the leading educator on the topic of wasting seed in the English language with over 30 hrs of content published online.

Rabbi Yaron Reuven is a proud member of the Igud HaRabbonim (The Rabbinical Alliance of America), a national rabbinic organization founded in 1942. Today, our 900+ members are congregational leaders, religious teachers, chaplains, heads of Jewish organizations and communal leaders united in their commitment to traditional Orthodox Judaism. For more information please visit: https://rabbinicalalliance.org/

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