Kitchen Medicine Easy and Effective Home Remedies presented by Lynn Green- 7/31/2014


-Free Educational Webinar Series Hosted by Terry Talks Nutrition-
Whether your growing space is a large, sunny field or a few pots on a deck or window sill, you can still grow many of your own medicines. Medicinal plants and herbs that you harvest yourself can be used effectively for everything from soothing a sunburn to easing a cough. There are almost no limits to how you can incorporate the benefits of healing plants – infusions, sleeping pillows, teas, syrups, and candles are just a few ideas. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or accomplished herbalist, you will still come away with new ideas and a fresh appreciation for the amazing medicinal properties of plants that may otherwise seem ordinary. Join us for a discussion with Master Herbalist Lynn Green, and learn more about how to turn the plants in your garden into the medicine on your shelf.

Lynn Green APNP-BC, A/GNP, MSN, MHC, CNHP is an author and advanced practice nurse practitioner specializing in adult and geriatric integrative health. Lynn graduated from George Mason University with a master’s degree in nursing. Because of her interest in integrative health, she continued her studies, becoming a Master Herbalist, and is in the process of completing a fellowship in the University of Arizona Integrative Medicine program, overseen by Andrew Weil, MD. Lynn has traveled extensively to present educational events on integrative health while still overseeing her extensive garden, full of flowers, fruits, vegetables, and medicinal herbs. She believes that optimal health is best achieved when one can combine interventions such as diet, exercise, mind/body work, herbs, and supplements with the best of conventional medicine.


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