Two ‘tried-and-tested’ home remedies to get relief from acidity


Irregular eating habits coupled with the consumption of junk food can lead to numerous stomach issues, including acidity. But instead of relying on over-the-counter medicines for relief, one can count on simple yet effective home remedies, said sports nutritionist Nidhi Gupta.

“Acidity is the root cause of everything. Try these two tried and tested home remedies,” she captioned her post on Instagram.

She listed the following remedies.

Cardamom and clove concoction

*You can suck on a clove and chew a cardamom after every meal.

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Ginger, mint leaves, and fennel seeds concoction

ginger Count on ginger to relieve acidity troubles (Source: File Photo)

Ginger contains a compound called gingerol which serves as a digestive aid to move food through the gastro-intestinal tract which means less reflux throughout the day. Clove has carminative properties and helps improve peristalsis. Research has shown that consuming cardamom while having acidity reflux helps in reducing acidity. It is a simple home remedy that can help us get relief from acidity,” she mentioned.

According to Gupta, one can also reduce acidity by chewing few fennel seeds. One of the best ways to prevent acidity is by chewing fennel seeds after your meal every day. You can also boil fennel seed in a cup of water and drink the concoction for relief, said Gupta.

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