Christina Cindrich & Family Back for More Success with Regenerative Medicine


Christina Cindrich and her family are back looking for more success thanks to regenerative therapy!
After their last treatment at BioXcellerator, the Cindrich family was able to travel again for other ailments. Watch their story here!

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00:00 -“We were here three years ago, and we were so pleased with the results that we came back.”
00:54 -“This is my second time to bioXcellerator. My parents and I came in 2019. We know it works so we came back for more treatments.”
01:09 -“The week has been amazing. The staff here is incredible. The facility is so clean. The country is just so safe.”
01:19 -“I’m so pleased with the whole staff. You’re all wonderful, professional, know your business, and I know we’re going to get great results.”
01:31 -“It’s such a nice place here, the city, the accommodations, the food, and everything else.”
01:47 -“This is a first-class facility; much more than anybody would expect coming to Colombia.”

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