Will all nations follow the Torah when Moshiach comes? Paduh Vishalom Nafshi



Featuring Menachem Mendel Seldowitz and Yackov Yitzchak Kaufer
How will all nations recognize the Creator when Moshiach comes?

from Sefer Hamaamarim Meluket, 19th Kislev, 5752

when Moshiach comes, the Essence of the Creator will be revealed in all existence

The Rambam (hilchos yesodei hatorah chapter 1) teaches us that the “true existence of G-d, is itself the true existence of everything that is found”

meaning, even if something, on the outside, appears to conceal the Creator; nevertheless, that very thing itself literally is a revelation of the Truth of His Being–the Essence of the Creator

so when Chassidus , the “wellsprings” (source of “living water”, metaphorically, the Creator’s Essence which is the source of all existence) is revealed “outside”, to every existence, even those that appear to be a separate existence and so to speak “outside” of holiness, even they will feel and recognize how their own existence is literally an expression of the Essence of the Creator.

and that’s how the verse “I will transform the nations to serve one G-d” will be fulfilled

practically, by meditating that every detail of one’s physical existence is literally a revelation of the Essence of the Creator, one automatically reveals that in the rest of the world, which will immediately end this ~2000 year long exile, and there will be eternal shalom in the utmost respect in all of existence


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