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Our immune system is an incredible, complex eco-system designed to protect us from the litany of microbes, pollutants and environmental toxins we’re exposed to on a regular basis. A strong immune system in a healthy body does a great job of stopping most things in their tracks, but of course, there are times when our immune systems become overwhelmed, and we’re left suffering the uncomfortable effects. Thankfully, we have powerful plant allies at our disposal that work in perfect synergy with our bodies to strengthen and support us.

At WishGarden we tap into the power of plants to create a comprehensive line of immune supporting herbal tinctures. These powerful natural remedies offer safe and effective strategies to strengthen our immune response and provide relief when we’re suffering. As humans, we are each unique, so even though we are all exposed to similar triggers, we tend to react to them differently. WishGarden understands and develops with this variation in mind. We offer such a wide array of formulas to meet challenges in every way they show up. At the same time, with so many options, it can get a bit confusing to navigate your way through which formula to use and when. After getting these questions over and over, I created a guide to help you choose the best formula for whatever your immune system needs right now.

Herbal Remedies for Stronger Immunity

Kick-Ass Daily Immune – This formula is your ultimate everyday immune strengthener. It’s all about immune nourishment – giving your cells the building blocks they need to work at their best. Key herbs in the formula are elderberry, which provides important nutrients, and astragalus, a tonic immune herb that protects and strengthens. In traditional Chinese culture, astragalus is often cooked into rice, soups and stews so its healing properties are infused into the daily diet.

Serious Elderberry – This is a true example of food as medicine. Elderberry is the fruit of the elder tree. Elder trees are abundant in many parts of the world. It’s almost like mother nature knew what she was doing ;-). Elderberry is rich in flavonoids, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, potassium and many other nutrients. Research also shows that elderberry can help stop a virus from entering a healthy cell. This is one of our few single herb tinctures we offer – it’s that good.

Strategy: Tonic Use. These formulas work best when taken tonically (on a regular basis). One serving 2-3x a day, especially during seasons when immune challenges increase (think back-to-school and wintertime). They can be taken in water, juice, tea or even blended into a smoothie.

Herbal Remedies for Acute Immune Response

No matter how strong our immune systems are, we all get hit with the icks from time to time. Whether it’s mild discomforts or full-blown symptoms, herbal remedies provide an essential helping hand without harmful side effects. Our acute immune formulas support lymphatic movement, neutralize bugs and re-establish a healthy inflammatory balance among many other actions. Let’s walk through the different ways they help us feel better faster.

First Line of Defense

Kick-Ass Immune Activator – If you know WishGarden, you know Kick-Ass Immune. This is our signature product and top seller – for good reason. Kick-Ass Immune is made up of a robust team of herbs that help to activate your immune response to more effectively fight back against whatever is oncoming. This formula is most effective at onset; start taking it as soon as you feel those first signs and symptoms of something coming on and often-times you’ll get it before it gets you! It’s the perfect boost of support when you’re surrounded by germs like on an airplane or any crowded public space.

Strategy: Move through it. Take one serving every 1-2 hours for a day or two and then taper down to every 2-4 hours as you improve. Don’t exceed 5 days on this strategy without consulting a practitioner.

Condition Specific Support

Kick-Ass Biotic – This one is our big guns remedy. We lovingly call it our zombie apocalypse formula because it’s the one thing you want to have on hand no matter what life throws at you. When symptoms are acute, when nothing else works and when your body needs to get back to a healthy microbial balance, Kick-Ass Biotic is your go-to superhero. I always say if I could only have one formula on a desert island, this would be it.

Serious V-Fighter – Body aches, chills, fatigue. We all know the symptoms and we all want them gone ASAP. Serious V-Fighter is the formula you need for healthy viral support during cold season. This formula can ease some of those achy discomforts in the moment while helping you recover faster.

Deep Lung – When the seasonal ailments go around, for many people it goes right to their lungs. No one likes that uncomfortable, constricted feeling, the rattling cough, struggling for a good breath. It’s no coincidence that Deep Lung is one of our top selling formulas. This blend clears the air, so to speak. Tonifying & soothing herbs help to strengthen lung tissue while expectorants dislodge the gunk. Deep lung re-establishes a healthy inflammatory balance and provides relief to an overtaxed respiratory system.

Serious Cough – Wet and productive? Dry and rattling? Chronic, lingering and just plain annoying? Serious Cough is a talented switch hitter that is particularly good at bringing the body back in balance against all kinds of issues. Serious Cough especially shines against those coughs that seem to linger forever. I recently had a woman tell me that Serious Cough is the formula that made her mom believe in herbs! And I’ve heard dozens of similar testimonials…

Kick-Ass Sinus – Whether you’ve got chronic sinus issues or are temporarily suffering from the dreaded head cold, Kick-Ass Sinus is your comprehensive upper respiratory support. We call this a ‘mucous membrane normalizer’, because whether your symptoms are wet & productive or dry & impacted, this formula eases discomforts and brings things back into a healthy balance. The real all-stars are the lymphatic herbs that drive active compounds into all those nooks and crannies of the head, kicking out irritating invaders. Goodbye pressure, hello breathing through your nose again!

Strategy: Move through it. Take one serving every 1-2 hours for a day or two and then taper down to every 2-4 hours as you improve. Don’t exceed 5 days on this strategy without consulting a practitioner.

End Stages

Get Over It! – You know that feeling of finally getting some relief after days of feeling crappy? It’s like a break in the clouds – your energy returns, you’ve stopped blowing through tissues like you own stock in Kleenex, you generally feel better, but something is still lingering…a rattle in the chest, congestion in the head, a cough you can’t shake. You haven’t been able to fully get over this thing. This formula is your answer. Deep, dislodging herbs find the stuff that’s stuck and hiding and issues the eviction notice. Finally, move it on out so you get back to 100%.

Strategy: Move through it. Take one serving every 1-2 hours for a day or two and then taper down to every 2-4 hours as you improve. Don’t exceed 5 days on this strategy without consulting a practitioner.

Thank you for choosing WishGarden! We love keeping you healthy.

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Jamie McKeown has a BA in Film & Communications from the University of Michigan. She has studied holistic nutrition and natural healing for over 15 years. She is a Certified Health Coach and Herbalist and Head of Education for WishGarden.

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