Regenerative Injection Therapy to Avoid Knee Joint Replacement


Avoid Knee Replacement and Spine Surgery Are You Suffering from Severe Knee Joint Pain Restricting Your Mobility & Quality of Life? Are You Looking for Natural & safe non Surgical Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis Are You Suffering from Low Back Pain ,Lumbar Slip Disc and Other Spinal Problems? Are You Suffering from Shoulder Pain , Multiple joint Pain or Rhematoid Arthritis Are You Looking for Non-surgical Treatment for Joint Pain, Back Pain , Slip Disc , Sciatica ? We Provide Scientific , Tested , Economic and Safe Treatments at much Lower Cost than Surgery Visit Dr Dhanduke’s Clinic Ayuaesthetics Gurukrupa Ayurved Vadgaon Maval and Talegaon Dabhade Call 8856860463

Prolotherapy, PRP & Trigger Point Inj Therapy
Joint Re Lubrication, Regenerative Injection
Therapy, Reverse Degenerative Changes, Heals Ligament
Injuries Tear & Meniscal Tear, Increase Joint Space,
Helps to Regrow Cartilage
Available at Dr Dhanduke’s Clinic Call 8856860463

Prolotherapy / Trigger Point Inj Therapy / Prolozone
available at Dr Dhanduke’s Gurukrupa Clinic
Vadgaon Maval & Talegaon Dabhade
Call 8856860463

Highly Effective for Ligament Injury
Degenerative Joint Disorders & Sport Injuries

Treatment for Knee Joint Arthritis, Ligament Injury, Degenerative Joint Disorder, Osteoarthritis, Sports Injuries, Joint Rejuvenation & Relubrication with


Stimulate Natural Healing Mechanism

Re-lubricate Joint

Improve Joint Mobility

Instant Pain Management

Intra Articular and Peri Articular Injection for Knee Joint and Spine


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