5 home remedies to clean your ears


5 home remedies to clean your ears

Nov 18, 2022, 05:23 pm
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5 home remedies to clean your ears
These home remedies are safe and will clean your ears effectively

Our ear canals produce a natural waxy substance called ear wax that protects our ears and prevents dust and dirt from damaging them.

However, you need to clean your ears frequently to prevent the ear wax from accumulating and leading to hearing disorders.

While earbuds are the most common tools to clean your ears, here are five natural home remedies to clean them safely.

Salt water helps soften the wax that gets accumulated inside your ear and makes it easy for you to clean.

Mix together warm water and salt, soak a cotton ball in it, tilt the affected ear and put a few drops into the ear.

Hold for three-five minutes and tilt your head to drain out the saline water.

Clean out the softened wax gently.

A great home remedy for cleaning ears, olive oil protects your ear from water-borne infections and helps line the ear membranes.

Packed with antiseptic properties, it also helps you get built-up ear wax removed smoothly.

Pour three-four drops of warm olive oil into your ear and let it settle for 10 minutes.

Tilt your head, and use earbuds to remove the oil and wax.

Baking soda is highly effective in softening dry or hardened earwax. It is also safe to use and prevents ear infections.

Dissolve baking soda in a few drops of water and pour it into your ear with the help of a dropper. This will flush out excessive ear wax.

Once done, clean your ears with a soft cotton cloth.

Vinegar and rubbing alcohol

An age-old remedy to remove ear wax, rubbing alcohol and vinegar solution fights bacteria and fungi and prevents ear infections.

Mix together vinegar and rubbing alcohol and soak a cotton ball in the solution.

Tilt your ear, and pour two-three drops of the solution into your ear.

Wait for five minutes and tilt your head in the opposite direction to remove the wax.

Packed with antifungal and antibacterial properties, apple cider vinegar can help kill harmful microbes inside the ear canal and fight fungi that can cause serious infections.

Mix apple cider vinegar with lukewarm water and apply five-10 drops to your ear using an ear dropper.

Lean on your side to let the drops enter the ear and settle for five minutes.

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