Lord's Righteous Servant Moshiach is His Representation Today. Messianic Era vs the Day of the Lord.


God said a time was coming in Jeremiah 31 when the desolate land would bloom again, Jerusalem would be rebuilt, and He would make a new covenant with the Jewish people. That began in 1948 with the return from the diaspora of the Jewish people and the creation of Israel.

Moses delivered God’s first covenant with the Jewish people. He was God’s visible representation writing and speaking His words. Orthodox Judaism maintains that God dictated the Torah (first five Books of the Hebrew Bible) to Moses.

In the day of the Lord once again God will need a man to deliver a covenant to the Jewish people, a visible representation writing and speaking His words. This is why in Deuteronomy God told Moses that He would send a prophet like Moses to the Jewish people again one day.

This time to deliver a new covenant of sin forgiveness of the Jewish people that causes Torah to be written upon their hearts and all will heed God, revere and esteem His name. The new covenant comes with the Angel of the covenant that you desire in Malachi 3/1 in the day of the Lord. The new covenant is an amendment to the first covenant.

How will the Jewish people know who He is? The answer is the lone description of a man to come in Isaiah 53. God’s righteous servant. The Moshiach of Isaiah 11/1-2.

The Messianic era is a fabrication by Rambam. See God’s covenant of friendship and God’s dismissal of all Rabbis that refutes a Messianic era.

Keithmccartymccarty.wordpress.com for the following two Books God dictated to me. Not one word is mine. There are many additional writings from God at this site.

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