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Indian Dental Academy which is an academy leading in continuing
dental education and skill enhancement programs for dental surgeons;
it also offers different courses in a wide range of formats for
dental students. Indian dental academy has the best team of
expert’s dental specialties, who are completely dedicated to the
students and keep themselves updated with the current concepts of
their subject and the current trends of teaching.

A large number of dental students are accessing the internet for
dental education, references, university exams, for thesis etc.
Considering the e-formats for almost everything in today’s time.
we have prepared highly effective educational videos for dental
students in all the subjects from the first to the final year of
dental sciences, about 700 plus videos. The lectures are covered
by the best lecturers of each subject and are presented in a
simple yet elaborate way for clarity of concepts to the students.

These video lectures are helpful for those appearing for exams in BDS, NEET, MDS,competetive exams, dental jobs, overseas exams,MFDS,DDS, dental suject exams, dental school exams,

The Lectures include in the following subjects:-
Head & Neck Anatomy,Histology,Embryology, Human Physiology ,
Biochemistry,Dental Anatomy,Dental materials, Pharmacology, General Pathology Microbiology, Oral pathology , General medicine , General Surgery ,
Oral medicine & radiology, Oral surgery, Prosthodontics,
Orthodontics,Endodontics , Community Dentistry, Pedodontics,
Periodontics etc.
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