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There are several ways to ingest herbs, but are all methods created equal? Here at WishGarden, we believe liquid is the leading vehicle to most effectively experience the plant constituents. But, not just any liquid, we use a blend of alcohol, vegetable glycerin, and spring water, and they each have their own unique value in our formulas.

Extraction Medium Trifecta

Water and alcohol are the most traditional liquids used to extract plant constituents and have been used in Herbalism since its inception. There is a special synergy between the two. Water is very efficient at pulling out constituents, as is alcohol. However, alcohol’s first known purpose was to preserve gathered herbs, as dried herbs will lose their potency over time. Adding fresh or dried herbs to alcohol will maintain their potency and preserve the medicinal constituents in the plant. A beautiful alchemy arises when both liquids are combined with herbs. We get potency, preservation, and purity!
Vegetable glycerin also helps to pull out plant constituents, but more importantly, it extracts the fat-soluble components of plants, which have their own benefits. Another benefit of vegetable glycerin is that it is naturally sweet and helps to improve the flavor, which tend to have a strong or unique flavor profile. It also helps to reduce the alcohol content in the finished product. Vegetable glycerin allows us to capture the plant as a whole to create a well-rounded, medicinal product.

Absorption, Absorption, Absorption

Lastly, liquid herbal extracts have superior absorption potential. Without bioavailability and absorption, medicinal herbs plants cannot fully provide their healing properties. So why is liquid more bioavailable and more absorbable? It’s all due to our complex digestive system. Our digestion process starts in our mouth. We produce enzymes that start breaking down what we ingest, which means we begin digesting and absorbing the liquid extracts immediately. The body doesn’t need to break down the plant cellulose in order to absorb the medicinal properties of the herbs, so the constituents enter our bodies with ease, convenience and with fewer digestion side effects.




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