5 ways to soothe haemorrhoid symptoms at home


are few things as uncomfortable to experience or talk about as haemorrhoids or
piles. From pain and discomfort to not knowing where to turn for help – it can
cause a lot of undue stress worsening the condition.

fret not, there are ways to soothe your discomfort from the comfort of your
home. From natural remedies and OTC (over-the-counter) meds to sitz baths –
here are five ways to treat haemorrhoids at home:

up your diet

One of the best ways to relieve pain and discomfort
during bathroom breaks while dealing with piles is by switching up your diet.
Increasing your fibre intake and eating more leafy greens can help in softening
stool in your system. Some even believe a teaspoon of caster oil can help in
lubricating your digestive system for a smoother bowel movement. Gut-conscious
foods that promote healthy probiotic gut bacteria as found in yoghurt and the
like can help in the healing process of haemorrhoids too.

Stay hydrated

A healthy and happy gut and colon are
hydrated ones. Make sure you’re hydrating your body efficiently to produce
softened and gentle stools that won’t trigger haemorrhoids or worsen them
during bowel movements.

Avoid sitting for extended periods

Considering the location of
haemorrhoids, sitting for long periods will only lead to prolonging the issue
or worsening the pain experienced. If you find that you work at a desk job – or
just find yourself sitting for most of your days – be sure to walk around
often, lie down on your back, and invest in a ring-shaped cushion to relieve
stress and pressure on your piles.

Soak the area

To help relieve pain experienced
around your anus, soaking your nether regions can work wonders. Whether it’s
preparing a bath or bucket of warm water and Epsom salts to sit in for a sitz
bath experience or using a warm or cool compress to help ease your pain –
keeping the area clean and moisturised can help to alleviate intense and acute

Talk to your pharmacist about some OTC medications to help soothe your symptoms

Fully home-curated remedies can
assist to an extent, but for some cases, it may be worth seeking pharmaceutical
help. Consult your GP or visit your local pharmacy to find out about OTC meds
that can assist you in managing your piles at home. Whether it’s stool softeners
or an ointment to assist with soothing the area – it can help to speed up and
smooth out your healing journey.

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