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Hunter and Belinda are pleased to bring new business, Natureal Elements to Yeppoon

By Trish Bowman

The love of a mother for her daughter led Belinda Harris and Hunter Bown to open new business, Natureal Elements in Charles Street Yeppoon offering a range of natural therapies, herbs, crystals, hair, skin and household products and a cheerful smile to boot.

While there is still a little work to do finishing of the treatment’s rooms over the next few weeks, Belinda is pleased to welcome people to the new business.

Belinda has a broad range of experience having worked as a real estate agent, private enterprise accountant and financial planner.

After extensive training in natural therapies, she has included the titles Emmett and Bowen therapist.

Raised and educated on the Capricorn Coast, Hunter has been the friendly front counter face at Woolworths in Yeppoon for four years and now she is happily managing the retail side of Natureal Elements.

Belinda said the concept for the business began when her daughter Hunter became ill.

That illness led Belinda to go on a search for solutions and in turn, began a journey of study in natural therapies and an interest that continues to grow with the more she learns.

“A friend of mine had done an Emmett course and as we had found success in the treatment, I trained to become a fully qualified Emmett technique therapist,” Belinda said.

“At one point we were referred to a doctor that was known for more natural remedies and therapies.

“The doctor introduced us to PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) therapy.

“Hunter had an immediate and positive response to the therapy, so we purchased a device.

“After researching more on PEMF therapy and it’s benefits and coming to understand the differences between the types of devices and results they achieve, I decided to purchase a few more devices and ‘rent’ them out to people who may benefit from its therapy.

“Medical grade devices can cost upwards of $10,000. Most people would prefer to use the device and see some results before they outlay that sort of money for their own.

“I wanted to provide the opportunity for people to see if they had success with the device before, they consider purchasing their own.”

Natureal Elements offers Emmett, Bowen, PEMF treatments and rentals.

They stock an amazing range of Australian-made, organic, and chemical free personal, home and animal products.

They have products for hair, face, and body along with some fabulous concentrated

cleaning products without the bulk and fillers.

There is a range of reference books, a huge herb wall for making teas and natural remedies and a D.I.Y. section stocking the ingredients you need to make it yourself.

The business has all ability access and off-road parking for customers convenience.

Belinda and Hunter will begin taking treatment bookings in two weeks (mid-June) when construction of the treatment rooms is complete.

In the coming months they will be running Emmett workshops, and D.I.Y. workshops to make your own face, body and home products using all natural products.

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