Yevamot 83 – Daf Yomi Shiur with Rabbanit Michelle Farber


In the Mishna, Rabbi Yosi and Rabbi Shimon ruled that a kohen who was an androgynous could feed his wife truma. This opinion treats an androgynous like a male. However in a braita, Rabbi Yosi says that an androgynous is a unique category and the rabbis didn’t know if to treat it like a male or female. Rav holds that the braita reflects a later position of Rabbi Yosi’s after he changed his mind. Shmuel holds that the correct version is the Mishna. Rav Huna says in the name of Rav that we hold like Rabbi Yosi regarding the androgynous and grafting before the shmita year. Shmuel holds like Rabbi Yosi regarding how much time before labor can one attribute blood that comes with labor pains as relating to labor and not to zava blood. He also holds like him regarding laws of mixed breeds (kilaim) in a field – if one mixed his vine with another’s crop, he cannot forbid someone else’s crops and therefore his part is considered kilaim but the friend’s is not. The Gemara asks what did Shmuel hold regarding the issues in which Rav held like Rabbi Yosi. And what did Rav hold in the issues that Shmuel held like Rabbi Yosi. Some can be answered by another statement of theirs and some are unable to be answered. Rabbi Yehuda holds that a tumtum is a saris. If so, what would he have to say about the tumtum that was opened up and found to be a man and gave birth to seven children? He claims the mother must have borne children from another man. Rabbi Yiso son of Rabbi Yehuda had a slightly different version of the law regarding a tumtum. What is the difference between them? In what case is the androgynous liable to stoning when engaging in relations with another man? The Gemara brings different opinions on the matter. What is the source for each opinion? Even though in our Mishna, Rabbi Eliezer treats an androgynous as a male, when it comes to animals for sacrifices, it is not considered male or female and therefore can’t be used for a sacrifice. With birds, it can be, as male or female is not specified by bird sacrifices. The rabbis disagree with him regarding the
birds and disqualify the androgynous as well.

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