Myth Salon with Tad Crawford: The Secret Life of Money – Myths, Archetypes, Folk Tales & More


Zoom recorded on April 14, 2002

The Myth Salon
The Secret Life of Money
Myths, Archetypes, Folk Tales and More

Drawing on myths and history, folklore and folk tales, anthropology and Jungian psychology, Tad Crawford explores money from early offerings of thanks for the divine bounty of nature to treasuries at the sanctuary of Delphi to the Goddess Moneta and the innumerable forms of money. Offering delightful retellings and searching analyses of stories such as Midas, Dorothy on the Golden Road, Scrooge, and the Bulls and Bears of Wall Street, he delves into sacrifice, hoarding, supply, debt, inheritance, and changing symbols in a quest to discover what money means at the deepest levels of the psyche.

Tad Crawford, the Publisher of Allworth Press in New York City, is a graduate of Tufts University in economics and of Columbia Law School. He is the author of The Secret Life of Money and has lectured on the psychology, mythology and symbolism of money at such venues as the New York Open Center, Wainwright House, and the Analytical Psychology Club of New York. He is the author of two novels, A Floating Life and The Money Mentor: A Tale of Finding Financial Freedom, and more than a dozen nonfiction books on the business lives of artists and writers. He lives in New York City.

Host: Dana White
Moderator: Will Linn

Panelists include: Bryan Muldoon, Robert Sardello, Dennis Slattery, Connie Zweig.

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