13 home remedies that will save you from swine flu, use basil leaves to ginger


Swine flu has knocked as soon as the corona infection subsides. Three of its infected have been found in MP’s Indore and now its fear has started growing among the people. Let us tell you that this disease is old and it has been declared an epidemic. In the past too many deaths have taken place across the country due to this. In such a situation, it is necessary to adopt measures to avoid this infectious disease and today we are going to tell you home remedies which can be useful for you.

Home remedies to avoid swine flu-

The anti-viral properties present in garlic also help in increasing immunity. Yes, and for this, two cloves of garlic should be taken every morning on an empty stomach with lukewarm water. This increases the immunity power.

Consuming turmeric, basil, neem, giloy, pudina, amla, cowpea, garlic, ginger is beneficial in swine flu. You start consuming it every day.

Take Sudarshan Kwath or their vati/churna, Bharangyadi Kwath, Sanshmani Vati as anti-disease substance.

* To keep the digestive system healthy, eat only light, hot, fresh food, do not eat cold.

* Consume soup, lemon juice, amla juice, mosambi juice, turmeric milk and more water.

* Guggul, black pepper, pure cow’s ghee, camphor and sugar must be mixed and consumed.

* Drink specific ayurvedic drink (decoction). To make it, take one and a half cups of water and boil turmeric powder (one teaspoon), black pepper (three grains), basil leaves (two), some cumin, ginger, some sugar. When a cup is left, squeeze half a lemon into it. Consume it lukewarm only. It can be taken 2-3 times a day.

* Put 2 drops of sesame oil on both sides of the nose thrice a day.

* Consume 2 to 3 Tulsi leaves every day.

Drink decoction of Giloy or 20 ml of fresh Giloy juice daily.

* Swine flu-like fever, sore throat, cold-cold, cough and shivering, consult your doctor immediately if any of these symptoms appear.

Keep camphor, cardamom, clove mixture (powder) tied in a handkerchief and keep smelling.

You can avoid swine flu by applying 1-2 drops of Amritdhara on a handkerchief or cotton and smelling it again and again.

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