If sneezing is coming again and again, then smell this thing kept in the kitchen


Sneezing happens to everyone and it can be considered very normal. Well, if you have one or two sneezes then it is considered normal, but if the sneeze starts coming again and again, or if you start sneezing continuously then it becomes a problem. Yes, and frequent sneezing makes a person upset and irritable. By the way, many people also start having headache due to sneezing. If this problem bothers you too, then we tell you home remedies to get rid of it.

Ginger- Take a spoonful of ginger juice after frequent sneezing. Now add half a teaspoon of jaggery to it and eat it twice a day.

Cinnamon- Drink a glass of warm water mixed with one teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder in case of frequent sneezing.

Asafoetida- In case of continuous sneezing, take some asafetida and smell its smell. Yes, this remedy will give you relief from the problem of frequent sneezing.

Mint – Put a few drops of mint oil in boiling water. After that steam it. This remedy is very beneficial in the problem of sneezing.

Ajwain- Boil a teaspoon of carom seeds in a glass of water. After that sieve when it is lukewarm. Now drink honey mixed with it. If you want, add 10 grams of carom seeds and 40 grams of old jaggery to 450 ml. Boil in water. When half the water remains, drink the water after it cools down. After that take rest in an airtight place.

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