{Author Talk} Dr. Rachel Allyn


Part of MN YOGA + Life book club — “Author Talk” with Rachel Allyn author of “The Pleasure is all Yours”

Find her book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B091M8KMPZ?ref_=cm_sw_r_kb_dp_26YSCVS43N2A1V0S1JAH&tag=faoftb-20&linkCode=kpe


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Reconnect to your inner sense of pleasure and joy through embodiment practices, which put you in touch with the natural wisdom of your body and enhance your ability to connect with others.

In this time of increased fatigue, loneliness, and anxiety, disconnection from our bodies and from each other is at the core of our personal pain and our collective suffering. Women in particular are rewarded for, and expected to participate in self-denial.

By weaving together historical and cultural commentary, humorous and poignant anecdotes, and experiential tools backed by science, The Pleasure Is All Yours is a step-by-step guide to help you release barriers to receiving life’s pleasures and deeper connections with others.

In this timely guide, holistic psychologist, relationship and sex therapist, and yoga teacher Dr. Rachel Allyn introduces bodyfulness, an embodiment method she developed to help you to awaken into your body’s own capacity for healing and deeper connection. Allyn explains how bodyfulness can connect you to four essential and overlooked types of pleasure—sensual, playful, lively, and erotic— which overlap in many ways, and helps you identify what can inspire your own pleasure in each category.

Through bodyful activities such as breathing exercises, mindfulness, yoga, auditory release, and dynamic movements, this book helps you reunite with your inherent wisdom and soulful delight.


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