Pilonidal Sinus in Hindi | Pilonidal Sinus Treatment


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Hello friends pilonidal sinus is a problem originated in the person who Are hairy , Obese and having poor hygiene this problem is a infection of skin add the cleft of buttocks. Mostly those persons who have a long sitting pattern in their daily life or suffer from this problem common examples of persons are drivers, office workers and those persons who have long sitting job. Initially a hair is broken down during the friction while sitting and dead please got infected by bacteria with poor hygiene the bacteria going to replicate itself and a situation of absence is formed pilonidal sinus is a complicated moon mostly it is a chronic problem and people unaware of its presence. Pilonidal sinus can be treated with two methods one is surgical and second one is non-surgical approach in surgical methods we have to exercise that infected part and in non-surgical methods we give antibiotics to the patient to heal that tissue. Along with that we have to properly clean that would for a proper recovery. Hope you will like this video and found informative and it will clear your all doubts regarding pilonidal sinus share if you like the video and press the like button thank you


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