Non-Surgical Treatment For Higher Cheekbones – Before and After Radiesse


This patient wanted to refine the contours of her cheekbones. While surgical implants have long been the conventional route for achieving this, it is now possible to achieve a similar effect using a remarkable dermal filler known as Radiesse.

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Over time, the bones in the face can slowly shrink and become less dense. These structural changes can subtly change how a person looks. This patient wanted to improve the appearance of her cheek bones. They had become lower and flatter over the years. However, she did not want to undergo surgery. Instead, she chose the use of a dermal filler called Radiesse.

Radiesse can be used for a wide range of applications. Not only can it act as typical filler by replenishing lost volume, but it can also offer the firmness and support to improve contours of the face such as:

(1) cheekbones
(2) nose bridge
(3) chin

Radiesse consists of a gel medium with tiny spheres made of a calcium compound called calcium hydroxyapatite. These particles can come together to create a concentrated form of structural support when it is needed. They can also become more diffuse to fill and restore soft tissue volume.

Dr. U used Radiesse to add volume and lift to the cheek areas of this patient. Due to the properties of this filler, the upper cheek areas were able to sustain a plump and youthful looking shape which revitalized her final appearance. Radiesse was also used to revitalize the tear troughs beneath the eyes, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and darkness.

Prior to the advent of Radiesse, surgical implants have been the primary option for individuals who wanted higher and more shapely cheekbones. However, now, it is possible to use a dermal filler injection mass to perform a very similar role.

Over time, the particles within Radiesse stimulate the production of collagen as the gel is slowly absorbed by the body. Regular treatments are needed. But this allows the doctor to adjust the treatments to the patient’s face as it continues to change.

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