Eyeliner does not leave the eyelashes, then these home remedies will be useful for you


Be it going to a wedding or a party, girls are the most prepared. Makeup is the first choice of women in any function and she cannot think of going anywhere without makeup. Girls pay special attention to everything in makeup, from the foundation of the cheeks to the eyeliner of the eyes. Yes and the eyeliner used in the eyes also enhances their look. However, when the same eyeliner gets spread in the eyes then all the beauty gets spoiled. By the way, you can clean the eyeliner without water too. Today we are going to tell you some such tips by which you can clean the eyeliner. Let’s know.

Clean the eyeliner with rose water- You can use rose water to clean the eyeliner. Actually, rose water is considered very useful for removing makeup. To clean your eyeliner, first soak two cotton balls in rose water. After that, lightly apply the cotton ball on the eyeliner and leave it for 5 minutes. Now after this just clean the rose water with the help of cotton.

Cleanse with coconut oil- You can also use coconut oil to clean the eyeliner. Yes because it will also work to nourish your eyes. Along with this, it is also considered very beneficial to remove dark circles. To use it, take a tissue paper and put 2-3 drops of coconut on it. Then wipe off your eyeliner with the same tissue paper.

Use Homemade Makeup Remover – You can make makeup remover at home. Yes, you can use raw milk and almond oil to make makeup remover. Mix these two things and then apply it on your eyes with the help of cotton ball. This will keep the eyeliner clean.

Use baby shampoo- You can use baby shampoo to remove the eyeliner from the eyes. By using this, there will be no pain in the eyes and the liner will also be clean. Use warm water instead of cold water to wash your eyes with baby shampoo.

Use cold cream- You can also use cold cream to clean the liner. Yes, you take some cold cream and then apply it on the eyes. With the help of cotton hair, clean the cream from the eyes. Your eyeliner will also be clean with the cream.

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