How You Know Moshiach Is Here & God Has Returned With His Angel Holy Spirit. Jeremiah 31 & Malachi 3


Isaiah 53 describes the man who will be God’s representation, His prophet like Moses speaking and writing His words to the Jewish people, just as He did with Moses and the Israelites, in this day of the Lord. The day described in Malachi 3 where He says He is returning with His messenger and the Angel of His presence the Holy Spirit. He is Moshiach of Isaiah 11 known as the leper scholar in the Talmud for he is familiar with disease and makes the many righteous with his knowledge.

Sages, Rabbis & Christians have never figured Isaiah 53 out. Only God’s righteous servant can interpret it properly. God had it written that way. He leaves something out that can be seen in Ezekiel (the key to 53) to make his forehead like adament, flint, and to not be dismayed by his people. He went through God’s fire of refinement pinned to the ground and taken from the land of the living (society) after God’s Spirit entered him, and God is in His Spirit.

God’s fire of refinement for prophets of wounding, punishment, chastisement, maltreatment, crushing and bruising to break the will of a man, tempering his emotions and removing a furious spirit while teaching him the scripture.

In my case to become His righteous servant and make the witnesses of the combined first six verses by quotation righteous. They are sick with guilt from sinning. I offered myself for guilt agreeing to the fire of refinement. So, when the witnesses say “he was wounded for our sins” I was. Not as a vicarious taking of their sins but to endure the fire of refinement and become the righteous servant who makes the many righteous by his knowledge and removes their guilt. God had many reasons for 53. I am not an unblemished lamb.

God said a time was coming in Jeremiah 31 when the desolate land would bloom again, Jerusalem would be rebuilt, and He would make a new covenant with the Jewish people. That began in 1948 with the return from the diaspora of the Jewish people and the creation of Israel.

Moses delivered God’s first covenant with the Jewish people. He was God’s visible representation writing and speaking His words. Orthodox Judaism maintains that God dictated the Torah (first five Books of the Hebrew Bible) to Moses. I agree. He dictated “Isaiah 53 and the Day of the Lord” to me after teaching it to me. Ten years. Rabbis dismissed must teach it to see the Jewish Heaven. God wants Judaism out of antiquity and into the common era.

In the day of the Lord once again God will need a man to deliver two covenants to the Jewish people, a visible representation writing and speaking His words. This is why in Deuteronomy God told Moses that He would send a prophet like Moses to the Jewish people again one day. It will be God’s righteous servant Moshiach. The new covenant is here and so is Moshiach.

This time to deliver a new covenant of sin forgiveness of the Jewish people that causes Torah to be written upon their hearts and all will heed God, revere and esteem His name. The new covenant comes with the Angel of the covenant that you desire in Malachi 3/1 in the day of the Lord. The new covenant is an amendment to the first covenant.

The friendship covenant and dismissal of the rabbis comes with David, a Shepherd. The new covenant comes with Elijah, a messenger. I deliver both. The righteous servant is a servant and righteous.

How will the Jewish people know who He is? The answer is the lone description of a man to come in Isaiah 53. God’s righteous servant. The Moshiach of Isaiah 11.

All four men are righteous and all a servant of God. His name is Keith. I, after 13 years in God’s fire of refinement can handle them all. I fit the description written for the only man who can truly interpret it. I am the only shepherd of God. The Rabbis are dismissed before God. They teach false teachings and do not recognize God’s prophet as He knew their arrogance would be.

Please share every video you watch with all of the Jewish people you know and all Jewish groups where it is acceptable to do so. The Rabbis will not respond to me. They have been dismissed before God and I teach the day of the Lord and there will be no Messianic era. This is the third Temple era. To often the Rabbis replace God’s word with mans word and interpret the Scripture poorly. Rabbis teach Rabbis. God taught me.


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