Use Curd to Ghee to balance the excess salt


If there is no salt in the vegetable, then there is no taste of food, but yes, if the salt in the vegetable is more, then the whole taste of the food deteriorates. Be it vegetables, pulses or any other thing, if there is too much salt, then the food becomes completely useless. After that, we have to throw away all the food. However, if you want to avoid throwing away food then you can try some home remedies. Today we will tell you how to fix it if there is too much salt in the vegetable. 

Boiled potatoes – If more salt is added to the vegetable, then in such a situation, you can use boiled potatoes. And for this, you put boiled potatoes in a high-salt vegetable, because it works to absorb more salt in the vegetable. After that, take out the potatoes while serving the vegetable.  

Lemon juice- Lemon tastes sour. Yes, and if there is too much salt in the lentils, then you don’t have to worry. Add lemon juice to it as its sourness will equalize the amount of salt.

Flour loaves – Dal or vegetable If the amount of salt in any of them has become high, then use flour loaves in such a way. Actually, the dough will absorb the salt. In such a situation, after a while, you take this dough out of it. By doing this, the taste of both of them will also look perfect.  

Curd- You can use curd if the salt in the vegetable is too much. And for this, add one or two teaspoons of curd to the vegetable and mix well. Curd will balance the amount of salt and your vegetable will become testy again.  

Desi Ghee- Desi ghee also works to reduce the amount of salt in the vegetable. And if along with salt, the chilli has also become more, then use desi ghee in such a situation.  

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