Troubled by spider webs, then use garlic like this


In today’s time, every person pays special attention to the cleanliness of their home. We should all clean regularly, however, even after cleaning, spider webs are seen here and there in the house. They look bad, although they are equally afraid to clean them. The fear seems to be that if a poisonous spider occurs, it can cause a lot of damage to our skin. Everyone that the spider webs are such that they reappear within a few days of cleaning. In such a situation, you will see them in the corner of the house or a place where cleaning can not be done easily and regularly. However, if you are too upset with these then you can try some home remedies. We’re going to tell you about them.

Bleach – You can use bleach to remove any kind of bugs present in the house. In fact, the pungent smell of bleach destroys the spider as well as its eggs. Because it smells so pungent. To use it, first, cover your hands and face and then add 1 cup of bleach to 1 cup of water and put it in the spray bottle. Now spray it on the place where the nets are. After some time, clean the place with the help of a broom.

Garlic- The smell of garlic is also very pungent. To clean the webs in the furniture, put the peeled buds of garlic there. And with its pungent smell, the spider will not be able to make webs. To clean the webs on the wall, take a little bit of garlic buds. Then put it in a spray bottle full of water and spray it on the site of the spider web. By doing this, spiders and other insects will not come.

Lemon- Any cleaner you buy for cleaning should be of lemon flavour. In fact, due to the pungent and sour smell of lemon, insects and spiders run away from there.

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