Video 34 – Get your act together because time is running out!


Mashiach (the Messiah) is literarily at the door. Are you ready?
This past Lagbomer (May 19th) I was interviewed by Tzvi Livshits, who, together with his colleague, Efraim Zelenko, have an interesting channel on Rumble called The Nation of Israel. Here is the link:
We discussed how I came to the conclusion that the final Redemption must occur before the closure of the Hebrew year 5787 (corresponding to October 1, 2027), and why I surmise that the Lubavitcher Rebbe deliberately left us clues supporting my calculation.
This video is dedicated to the merit of Dr. Zev Zelenko – Velvel Wolf Zev ben Leah. May G-d Almighty grant him a רפואה שלמה וקרובה – a complete and speedy healing.


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