Week 17-20 Achilles Recovery


Week 17-20 update I go over my progression from using a high lift in my shoes to slowly getting back to wearing regular tennis shoes. I also discuss some fears I have with getting back and the importance of listening to your body. Remember, it’s a journey and a process!
0:33 – Week 13 – Partial re-rupture
-0:51 – 2nd opinion and possible PRP injection
1:15 – Not a good time for PRP injection because of the required recovery time
2:00 – still deciding about PRP
2:20 – non-surgical side achilles tendinopathy
3:00 – just started wearing real shoes – transition from a heel to a flat shoe
3:45 – important to consider shoes
4:30 – consider things that might contribute to other compensations
4:45 – no jumping, taking it easy
4:55 – consistent barbell calf raises
5:10 – 3 way calf raises
5:25 – standing soleus calf raises
5:40 – eccentric single leg calf raises
6:00 – plan on shifting from double leg strengthening to single leg
6:31 – PT – still doing a lot of BFR and external focus of control
7:00 – plan to hike in July at Zion National Park
7:30 – hiking more and walking more with my dog to prepare
7:50 – 10,000 steps a day which can be difficult!
8:10 – fatigue or achy when switching shoes
8:40 – good to listen to your body on the bad days
9:15 – really good PT days and really bad PT days
10:15 – releve walks forward and backwards
10:28 – jumping pull ups
10:45 – remember to work both sides of your body!
11:30 – plans going forward
12:10 – goals to getting back to jumping movements and exercises
13:00 – feeling good 20 weeks post-op
13:33 – using foam pad to help
13:50 – Just listening to your body is important!
14:30 – would love to help others going through this

*Please remember we all heal at our own pace. Always consult your doctors/surgeons before weight bearing or changing your movement patterns as you progress through recovery*

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