Doctors warn against treatment misinformation, offer home guidance as COVID-19 hospitalizations crush records | Local News


Ivermectin is another drug that Bratzler said he isn’t aware of having any good evidence to support it as a treatment for COVID-19.

He said any potential treatment for a disease with a high survival rate — like COVID — must undergo randomized clinical trials in which half the participants get the treatment, half don’t, and the patients and treating teams are blinded to whether each patient is receiving the treatment or a placebo.

“As we know now very well, people who are vaccinated and boosted — much less likely to be hospitalized or die from the disease,” Bratzler said. “That is clearly the best way.

“There are lots of treatments that are being promoted out there. Most of them haven’t been studied or shown to be effective in clinical trials.”

The COVID death rate is 1.6% globally (5.6 million deaths), 1.2% in the U.S. (882,000 deaths) and 1.4% in Oklahoma (13,000 deaths), Bratzler said. Those percentages don’t sound high, he said, but the death count from the disease is “really big” because enormous numbers of people have been infected by it.

The good news, he said, is that the majority of people survive a COVID infection. So almost regardless of whatever treatments or home remedies are taken, for most people they don’t make a difference, he said.

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