An Introduction To Stem Cell Therapy And Regenerative Medicine


In this video you will learn:
• Exactly what are stem cells and what do they do?
• Proper type and source of stem cells used for joint regeneration
• What 2 things must be added to stem cell therapy to be fully effective
• Compare stem cell joint regeneration to standard medical options (pharmaceuticals, other types of injections, joint replacement)
• Stem cell research
• Who is doing regenerative medicine for joint repair?
• Stem cells and the FDA and Big Pharma?
• Could stem cell therapy be right for you?
• Cost of regenerative medicine/stem cell therapy


Important Adult Stem Cell Facts
• By the time we are born 1/10,000 of our cells is an adult stem cell.
• The adult stem cells purpose is to repair and regenerate any cells/tissue that are damaged due to injury/disease.
• There are different stem cells in the body that repair specific tissue.
• As we age our number and potency of adult stem cells greatly decreases.


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